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sexual awakening

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

When I was a child, I found a strange parts between my little brother's legs. I asked my mother why it was not on my body.

Mother answered me that It was originally yours. You forgot to put it on your body when you were born. you had left it in my body.

And your little brother found it and put it on his body. It's your fault!

I was very shocked to hear that.

From that day I repeatedly tried to get it back from my little brother.

After becoming the primary school student,

I changed my target to willy of my classmate.

And I caught them and forced them to expose them.

Then, I grabbed it and pulled it.

Most boys were embarrassed to heard it.

My first purpose was just to get it back.

however, as I repeated this act,

The reaction that they were embarrassed and frightened, kind of humiliation, those getting to made me excited gradually.

At that time, I completely don't know about sex.

I was thinking about how to catch boys and give shame or humiliation every night.

Every day my delusions escalate, and I was thinking about ways of torture in bed every night. It was definitely sexual excitement.

That was probably about 8 years old.

My long bizarre adventure had started

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